Monday, January 25, 2016

Palette Knife Workshop this Sat

Palette Knife Workshop - Sunflowers, Jan 30, 10 -3

I have room for 2 more students if you'd like to join

n this fun and quick-paced course, students explore techniques used to create expressive paintings with a palette knife. Working with a palette knife to create a broad range of textures, students learn the nuances of value, working wet in wet and layering in order to keep colors rich and vibrant. There will be an emphasis on color mixing and keeping you colors clean (no muddy colors) This course will begin with a demo to cover the basic approach. Demonstrations will continue as well as working one on one. All levels welcome, including beginners. The class will be taught using oils.
Alizarin crimson
Hansa yellow or as yellow light
Yellow ochre
Ultramarine blue or phtalo blue
Sap green
Titanium white
12x12 panel
An assortment of palette knives
Sketch pad and pencils
Paper towels
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