Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Abstract Workshop by Lauren Adams

My friend and fellow painting teacher will be offering an abstract and materials workshop at my studio Feb 20, from 10 - 3. You can find out more by clicking on the image. Supply list below.



** Acrylic Paint Only

o   A sketchbook or pad with multimedia paper (ready to accept paint) approx. 11” x 14” or Bristol board pad approx. 11” x 14”.
o   A medium sized painting surface (around 16”x20” or larger) - canvas board, stretched canvas, or wood panel
o   Acrylic paints (2 sets of primaries plus white and a neutral):
·       cadmium red, ultramarine or cobalt blue and cadmium yellow,
·      quinacridone magenta, pthalo blue and hansa yellow
·       titanium white
·      ochre yellow, burnt umber, raw umber, OR burnt sienna
o   Brushes, bring your favorites in a variety of shapes & sizes and include ideally & a wide brush (at least 3”)

o   palette knife(s)
o   Gloss Medium (or Gloss Medium and Varnish)
o   squirt bottle for water
o   Paper towels
o   Palette (palette paper/pad, sta-wet, or plastic/paper plate)
o   Pencil
o   Blue tape or artist’s tape
o   Anything else you have on hand that seems like it might be useful

I suggest Golden, Liquitex, Winsor Newton or Utrecht. These brands are excellent for pigment load and minimal color shift. You may bring any other colors that you have. I recommend shopping at Binders, or Utrecht/Dick Blick
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