Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The weather looks like it will be perfect in Pensacola this weekend! If you are going to the Great Gulf Coast Art Festival in Seville Square, stop by and see me. I'm in Picasso 33.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Using your Values to building a composition

I just finished teaching a workshop on painting landscapes and I thought I would share a few tips.

Original photo. This is a scene in France that I am working on.
I often like to make a black and white copy so that I can just focus on the values and not be distracted by the color.

I forgot to photograph Step 1 which was a  monochromatic value study. This is Step 2.

Step 2: now that you have blocked in the large areas of light and dark, check to make sure you like the design of your composition. This is the time to make adjustments. You can know start to build on the information you have down.

Step 3

 Step 3: Working within in the pattern of your light and dark values, start to build the color.
Step 4

 Step 4: continue to build the color, still mindful of your values. You can now begin to add details
Step 5
Step 5: Adding more detail and adjust the colors. If you keep your colors in the correct value range, you will keep the compositional design.

Step 6

Now for the fun to start - laying in the details and rich color. At this point, you are free to paint. You have your foundation set, so have fun.

 I will post the finished painting ASAP

Cheers, Dawn

Friday, October 12, 2012

Impromptu Plein Air

This past weekend a few of us met up at the Green Market in Piedmont Park for a little plein air painting. October is such a fabulous time to be out and about in Atlanta, we decided to try something new and take advantage of the great weather.
Plein air is always a challenge, but it's a fun way to get out and paint with friends.

The Green Market at Piedmont.
My subject for  the day
Painting in progress. As I don't paint people often, I thought it would be interesting to see if I could capture a market scene.
I would like to make a few touch up on my painting. Work with the dappling light a little more. We'll see.

Until next time, Dawn